Sharing a bed or using a co-sleeper is a deeply personal decision for new parents and is one that has been coming back into favor over the last few years. While sharing a sleeping environment with your newborn can be an amazing and rewarding experience it does not come without its risks and it absolutely necessary to take every precaution to ensure the safety of your precious one by using one of the best co-sleepers available.

One great benefit for parents deciding to use a co-sleeper is the improved rest and convenience, especially in the early months when you are more likely to be feeding baby around the clock. Co-sleepers are also incredibly useful for Moms who have had a c-section where getting in and out of bed can be extremely difficult if not next to impossible.

Whether you opt to bed-share or go with a bedside co-sleeper is largely determined by your bed size, bedroom layout and your personal beliefs on safety and child raising. To aid you in figuring out what is the best option for you, we have chosen to review the safest and best co-sleepers for your baby.


Top Co-Sleepers Comparison Table

Co-Sleeper NameConstructionSizeWeightPrice
DockATot Deluxe (Editor's Choice)Mesh Co-Sleeper18 x 34
3.1 lbs
Halo Bassinest Swivel SleeperBedside Swivel Co-Sleeper45.3 x 37.8 x 45.335.3 lbs
CubbyCovePortable Co-Sleeper & Lounger36 x 22 x 246 lbs
Arm's Reach Cambria Co-SleeperBedside Co-Sleeper34 x 20 x 3129 lbs


Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Halo Best Co-sleeperThe HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is a unique bassinet with the ability to completely rotate in a 360-degree circle for the ultimate in convenience and safety.

Your precious little one can sleep as close as you like while remaining safely in her personal sleep space, which greatly reduces most of the risks associated with bed-sharing.

In addition to keeping your baby close, the Halo swivels to make entering and exiting your bed super easy.

This innovative design gives peace of mind as your little one is clearly visible at eye level, allowing you to soothe your baby quickly, while mesh walls provide superior breathability.

In addition, its patented side wall lowers and returns automatically, allowing you to easily feed or soothe your baby while resting in bed. This is a huge benefit for all mothers, but especially those recovering from C-sections who have limited mobility during the recovery.

The Halo bassinest is very stable with an adjustable base allowing it to fit bedside on virtually any bed. The Halo also conveniently includes a soothing nightlight, a sound machine for both white noise and music, vibration and a nursing wake-up button.

This is a great bedside bassinet and is ideal for any parent looking for the convenience of bed sharing but the safety of a crib. The Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper truly gives the best of both worlds in one high-quality package.

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Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper

Best Co-Sleeper Arms ReachThe Cambria Co-Sleeper bedside bassinet features beautifully curved wooden ends.

This is an elegant and classic bassinet that will look great in even the most well put together and beautifully designed master suites.

There are many different options for linings depending on the selection, but all feature copious amounts of mesh for safety and improved breathability, as well as increased visibility.

The Cambria Co-Sleeper bedside bassinet allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to each other from the moment your baby arrives. The Co-Sleeper bedside bassinet enables you to easily reach your little one for comforting and bonding through out the night. and the innovative design also makes breastfeeding a breeze.

The Cambria Co-Sleeper bassinet is the ideal sleep solution for any parent who loves the idea of bed sharing but wishes the comfort of a safe personal sleep space for their precious one.

The Cambria is a versatile bassinet with two distinct sleep setups, the Co-Sleeper mode, and the freestanding bassinet mode which gives you great flexibility to use the bassinet however you feel most comfortable.

Its sturdy wood frame and adjustable legs along with a clever attachment strap and plate provide you with peace of mind and the safest sleep environment for both your baby and you.

This is truly an all in one sleep solution and includes everything you need to for when your little one arrives home for the first time. You will find a sheet, a mattress, a nylon attachment strap and plate and removable and washable fabric liner.

This is a great bassinet that you can use bedside or in the bed. It is exceptionally well made and priced. This is a quality piece of furniture that can be used in your family for years. I highly recommend The Cambria Co-Sleeper bassinet for parents who want a well built and adaptable bassinet that looks great in your bedroom.

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CubbyCove Baby Co-Sleeper & Lounger

Co-sleeper CubbyCoveThe CubbyCove is the perfect soothing space for your baby and is one of the top choices for parents looking for the best option in a multi-purpose sleeper.

The CubbyCove makes for an amazing Co-Sleeper, but can also be used as a sleep positioner, tummy time training, daytime napping, infant messaging, diaper changing, lounging and playing.

The CubbyCove makes for an amazing Co-Sleeper, but can also be used as a sleep positioner, tummy time training, daytime napping, infant messaging, diaper changing, lounging and playing.

This is a very versatile and portable sleeper that can be utilized all over the home and on the go. The CubbyCove is a little baby sized Garden of Eden and has been designed with love and care. It is made with only the softest, most durable and 100% breathable fibers to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably and safely.

Nothing is more important than our little ones well-being, and therefore every last detail was taken into account with the design of the CubbyCove.

You can not put a price on the safety of your child and nothing takes precedence over the well-being of our little ones. With this in mind, every last detail of the CubbyCove was painstakingly examined and designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your precious one.

The sleeper is truly breathable like no other co-sleeper on the market. It has been engineered to last and constructed with high-quality 3-D mesh fabrics, which is renowned for its amazing properties of extremely high permeability, rugged durability, unrivaled compression strength, 100% breathability, adaptable pressure redistribution and last but not least is anti-bacterial and fungal. The outer cover designed with the same principles possesses the same properties but is made to be very soft, cushiony and gentle for your baby.

The CubbyCove is not just a co-sleeper but is also a great space for tummy time – We are all aware of the research proving the benefits of tummy time for your newborn. This time is vital to helping your baby strengthen their head, neck and upper body muscles, as well as building coordination for rolling over, and crawling.

But, knowing that the safest way for babies to sleep is on their backs, it can be difficult finding the time and a safe environment properly suited for your baby’s tummy time activities. The CubbyCove is the answer and is a lightweight and portable sleeper offering a ton of additional utility for both you and your baby.

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DockATot Deluxe

Best Co-sleeper-DocATotThe DockATot is the penultimate docker for infants and any parent searching for a multifunctional sleeper that can be used all over the house.  We have given the DockATot Deluxe the Editor’s Choice Award for the best Co-Sleeper but that really just does not do it justice.

This one item can give you the functionality of five other products all in one super durable, safe, and comfortable package.

The Dockatot Deluxe offers a safe and cushy space for your baby to rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes.

It is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel or just to move from room to room around the house as you and baby go about your day.

There is a variety of additional covers are available to buy that will fit any mood, room and style. The DockAToT is designed with your babies safety and comfort as paramount.

All materials used in its construction are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic. DockATot was designed to provide superior air-permeability for maximum safety. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers with hygienic and non-toxic properties.

DockATot is built and designed in every way to offer a safe, snug and soothing environment for babies. The goal is to create an environment as close as possible to the womb that can move with and your baby as necessary. Your precious little one can rest, play and lounge without any of the restrictions of buckles or the distraction of bells and whistles and gives peace of mind to parents who wish to safely co sleep with their baby.

Tummy time is so important to your child’s development of neck strength and motor skills and DockATot is the ideal spot to let your little one get their tummy time in. The rounded bumper provides support to your awake baby when placed under her arms. 

Your baby has very specific needs and for a baby to be comfortable, the temperature in the room must be right but the space right around your baby needs to be adjusted properly as well. This microclimate needs to be safe and assist your baby in regulating their body temperature. It also needs to be free from toxic and allergenic materials as well. 

DockATot is hypoallergenic and made with the most nurturing and hygienic fabrics that also have excellent air-permeability to keep your baby safe and sound while sleeping or playing.

The DockATot is lightweight and simple to travel with and goes without saying that it is a much better alternative for your baby than resting on questionable hotel bedding.

DockATot free of phthalate and other harmful substances found in many crib mattresses and sleepers. It has received multiple safety certifications, including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (EU), and meets the following standards of ASTM F-963-11, US CPSIA 2008, 16 CRF 1632 flammability test, and California Proposition 65. 

I love the DockATot Deluxe. It is an amazing product that allows parents an unprecedented amount of flexibility in how and where they will sleep their little one. It can be used in the nursery and around the home for naps or play and is easily one of the most valuable tools in your new parent utility belt. I really can not recommend the DockATot enough it is truly the safest, most versatile, and best co-sleeper on the market.

I really can not recommend the DockATot enough as it is truly the safest, most versatile, and best co-sleeper on the market.

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